I offer a range of services for writers, from basic proofreading to full developmental editing.
If you need a service not listed here, contact me.


I offer free consultations and, for longer works, a free 1000-word sample edit. 


Editorial Assessment

Perhaps your text isn’t quite ready for a full editorial process, but you still want some feedback? A professional editor is a neutral party who can read your work with the eye of your worst-case critic. This is a shorter process than other editing services, and can save you a great deal of time when it comes to later editing needs. Editorial assessment looks at your target audience and your personal goals, and can give you direction you may need.

Developmental Editing

Also called content editing, this is an in-depth look at your work as a whole. It involves things like theme, voice, structural/plotting issues, character development, pacing and more. Developmental editing usually leads to revisions, and may involve regular discussion with your editor. Editing at this stage also considers your target audience and your personal project goals.  


If you feel like your developmental work is complete, it’s time for a copy edit. Everything that’s ever been written needs a copy edit. This step is about fixing grammar, spelling, punctuation and, importantly, style. It’s about making sure that name on page 28 is the same on page 42. Do you always write out numbers? Did you write all your dates in the same format? Copyediting will also give you more options for your prose. This step is about consistency and polish and, if you do no other form of editing to your work, do this one. 

Proofreading Services

Proofreading services are for when your manuscript or text is nearly ready to go. Ideally, “proofing” happens to a formatted and printed work. This is the eagle eye that catches little flaws, including typos, and text/formatting issues. Proofreading is the final polish that makes sure your work is ready for prime time.